PatentDrawTech is serving to worldwide customers that incorporate SME’s, law offices, corporates, free lawyers and creators. Our point is to help our customers by giving the business’ most aggressive and exceedingly far reaching patent and trademark delineations that line up with their business destinations superbly.We are expert in patent drawings services Patent Drawing, Patent illustration services.

PatentDrawTech delineation administrations incorporate three noteworthy administrations: utility patent illustrations, structure patent illustrations and trademark illustrations. Aside from these, PatentDrawTech likewise has ability in representation of Flow diagrams, Complex charts, Technical illustrations, Design patent illustrations, Drawings from Microphotographs, DNA Sequencing, and so forth. 

PatentDrawTech has two-level quality check, first is for perception of illustration produced from customer information and second is the agenda of principles expressed by patent and trademark office in which attracting is going to submitted for examination. Each illustration is channelized through a procedure of complete quality check in each working model. 

We have a guarantee to quality and the vital aptitude to help the rules sketched out by the USPTO/PCT. Besides, we are innovatively equipped for overhauling our customers internationally. Regardless of whether you are around the bend from us or the nation over, our administration continues as before. Patents are drawn per your guidelines through portrayals, electronic pictures, photos or drawn legitimately from the development. PatentDrawTech can adjust Auto CAD and comparable cutting edge documents to meet USPTO/PCT and remote necessities. As a piece of our administration, we can give illustrations that can be documented electronically with the USPTO. Illustrations might be checked on by fax, mail, or email.